Executive Selection and Screening using TAIS

Executive Selection and Screening using TAIS

3 Factors Define Success on the Job

Success or failure on the job is determined by three factors:

1. Skills and Abilities

2. Motivation and Desire

3. Goodness of Fit Between Job Demands and Employee Psychological Characteristics

Most employee selection programs focus on required skills and motivation (and do a good job evaluating these factors). However, many job failures cannot be traced back to skill deficits or problems with motivation. More often than not, employees fail because their psychological strengths and weaknesses are not well matched to the demands of the performance environment.

Additionally, the highly competitive nature of today’s business environment places increased emphasis on an employee’s ability to perform effectively under pressure. How well someone holds it together under pressure is entirely a function of psychological factors.

TAIS Measures “The Right Stuff”

The Attentional & Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory accurately assesses the psychological components critical to effective performance. The origins of TAIS are in the world of competitive athletics, and for over 30 years, TAIS has been used to determine who has the psychological “Right Stuff” to compete at the elite level of sports. TAIS reliably measures whether or not a person can stay focused and keep their emotions under control, which are the core elements of performing well under high-pressure conditions.

Mission Profiling Assesses Goodness of Fit

Winning Mind has helped pioneer a process of benchmarking employee strengths and weaknesses against the performance demands of the job. This Mission Profiling technology begins with the development of a comprehensive profile of the unique demands of a particular job. Winning Mind has the expertise and data necessary to build a profile that accurately reflects the critical success factors in any performance environment. Our years of experience working with elite performers in business, sports, and the military means we know what it takes to succeed under pressure.

Mission Profiling adds tremendous value to the hiring process by providing an indication of a candidate’s ability to:

•Deal with the pressures of the job

•Work well with a specific team

•Perform up to potential

•React effectively to the current management style

•Adjust to the organizational culture

For more information on using TAIS for executive selection, please contact us at info@winningmind.com.

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Executive Selection and Screening using TAIS

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